zaterdag 21 januari 2012

A wonderful and great experience in a lifetime . . . .

      How words can vary hugely in comparison to experience in life itself. How a stay of several weeks in Tuscany in Italy, can change your life drastically.

       The meeting of three beautiful people with total different backgrounds where energies flow together. Without knowing each other or knowing anything of each other on beforehand. It gradually creates a friendship from within the sound of silence, as it exists in the Tuscan countryside. A resonance from the deep primal ground of the Source itself. The Great Force. Almost predestined. A turning point. A point of no return. Confirming the unique and essential talents and passions in each one of us. The power of creativity to give form and shape to a new reality. Visible in all creations arising along the way. And how it will go on or further ? In any case a wonderful and great experience in a lifetime !

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