zaterdag 21 januari 2012

A wonderful and great experience in a lifetime . . . .

      How words can vary hugely in comparison to experience in life itself. How a stay of several weeks in Tuscany in Italy, can change your life drastically.

       The meeting of three beautiful people with total different backgrounds where energies flow together. Without knowing each other or knowing anything of each other on beforehand. It gradually creates a friendship from within the sound of silence, as it exists in the Tuscan countryside. A resonance from the deep primal ground of the Source itself. The Great Force. Almost predestined. A turning point. A point of no return. Confirming the unique and essential talents and passions in each one of us. The power of creativity to give form and shape to a new reality. Visible in all creations arising along the way. And how it will go on or further ? In any case a wonderful and great experience in a lifetime !

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Short but powerful . . . .

'Oneness in togetherness'

The pureness of intentions
we are experiencing in existence
are extensions of the Eternal

The Great Force

Gabriel Montañez de Bandera - 06 January 2012

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

A statement from Me as Gabriel Montañez de Bandera . . . .

      Part of the description of myself as an artist . . . .

      A magnificent possibility to develop our art-consciousness in a very creative and joyful way lies in the awareness of our Inner Spirit within our self. Unique expressions by the Heart of one's Soul in the world we live in. To understand the real meaning of our daily life is Born to Be Free . . . in Togetherness ! The most important issue and a vital knowledge in our life is to find the Insights. They are lifting us up to an higher level of consciousness in our existence. We have to live-up to our truth nature. Evaluating Here & Now. Each one of us carries already the spirit of a Buddha or a God in himself. What's in a name ? The Alpha & the Omega. Yin & Yang. The Great Force - I like to call it for myself ! The beauty in our human existence, visible in all kinds of everything. Shapes, forms and patterns. In Humans. It's the way we look upon things. A Touch of Soul by the Heart. Inspiration is above all a natural thing in the process of creating Art - Being in movement !

      Terránea™ wants to contribute to Life, being a stimulator to go for the flow into the colourful stream with The Great Force.

      Gabriel Montañez de Bandera was staying before for quite a while in the southern parts of France and of Spain. Recently in Tuscany, Italy. And very soon I will Be Back Home again in France . . . Do you want to know more about me ? Explore the different pages on my website please . . .

                                      Gabriel Montañez de Bandera

zondag 1 januari 2012

FROM 2011 TO 2012 :: The forwarding of my experiences and efforts from way before . . .

Qu'est-ce que vous cherchez est ce que vous pensez
Mais ce que vous trouverez c'est que vous cherchez

     The above proverb (author: Fred Heering) gives you much food for thought and empathy, that is my experience. 'What you seek is what you think. But what you find is what you seek'!

I for myself it took me about thirty years to realize it and to apply it in my life. But. . . What is Time. No ? Yes !

     You can think of, or want so many things to create in your life; by sputtering or not, life itself always gives you the right Direction to follow Which Way to Go to. You just get it presented on your dish. You have to eat it, if you want it or not, you don't get anything else. "But I do not fancy this, 'das ist ganz nicht im Frage'.
-That is not in question at all-.
Why? You have to do deal with it anyway and be content. It's already embedded in the packet from the Teachings of your School of Life (in your crib) that you inherits at birth and what you have to follow and to learn. Acceptance and resignation. Improvising, arranging, changing, and bringing it into form and shape on 'your own way to go'. Flexibility and inspiration. In the Time line. Right Here & Now. How my day will look like tomorrow, I don't know yet. Everything depends on whether in essence my intentions are very sincere, pure, real and achievable. And also trusting on the possibility that miracles still can happen everyday. Nothing is too crazy. Amazement and admiration. Movement and propulsion. Even a standstill may mean a progress. That's what we experience as life in a word like "live".

     At time elapse when I am writing this I am already connected and in touch with you. You read this 'Now', otherwise I would not have been written it. (Time? It is one of those words to express what lives in our imagination.) In one way or another we are always connected to each other. There is no one way and there is not another. Right now there's you and there is me. One in All and All in One. Yin & Yang.

    The Great Force.